Angels COVID-19

7 angels

A few nights ago, I asked the angels if I could receive an update on what is currently going on in this earthly sphere. I then focused very strongly on their energy and used the kabalistic tree of life as a guide. From that, I created the formula below for myself:

I accept life unconditionally.
I accept my life unconditionally.
I accept my life and live it with joy.
I help others to enjoy their lives.
I am creative,
i have insight,
I am one.

Once I am in a state of inner peace, peace and unbreakable confidence, I gain access to their world.

They show me that there are now 7 angels around each person, the same size as the person they are with. Their wings extend and form a dome over this circle. (a bit like what a gothic window looks like). These angels do nothing initially, they are just around the person.

As I look closer I see that they all send golden light directly into the person’s heart. Every thought that the person has ends up in this circle as a black dot. The darker the thought, the bigger the dot. However, the angels do not care about these dots, but remain focused on the person’s heart. They tell me that the black dots can only be resolved by exhaling love.

Every time the person exhales love, he breathes in love 7 times more. So with every exhalation consciously exhale love and then inhale love 7 times stronger again. It skyrockets exponentially! In other words, the angels are not helping us to change our thoughts, they are not going to transform the black dots, you do that yourself.

And as soon as you become aware of what you exhale and if you exhale love only then you can inhale 7x more love.

This is a new fact.

You can certainly ask your guardian angels for help in understanding what is bothering you, but this is new. I have never seen anything like this before.
I have been testing it for several days now.

In my early childhood I learned various breathing techniques thanks to yoga and I always thought that I could control my breathing well. However, never before has the importance of exhaling love been emphasized.

I do the breathing myself 4 counts inhale then 6 counts out, then 4 counts back in and 8 counts out, then 4 counts in and 12 counts out. After exhaling for 12 counts, it is as if you have a lot of time before you want to inhale again.
It brings an incredible feeling of peace and love.There is a cosmic law that says,  “as above, so below” and although I see the cosmos not so much as above but rather more as all around us, I still find a reference to our present time. As masks become more and more required, so we also become more and more aware of whether or not we can breathe freely. We smell, as it were, our own breath and feel limited.
Thanks to what I was allowed to see, I feel completely free again to breathe what is dear to me.

I wish you loving breath 

Freetigs from the heart,