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Having children

I am being contacted more and more by women and couples who wish to have children but who have difficulties conceiving. I also see a large increase in miscarriages. When I make contact through the mother of a soul who has decided not to come, I notice several things:

  • The soul indicates that it only came to see if he/she is ready to come.
  • The soul notices that one or both parents are not ready to receive him/her with the freedom it needs.
  • The soul only needs this experience, often happens at the beginning and end of a reincarnation cycle; The soul is then very grateful that it can share this experience with these parents.

Let me try to clarify; In the first case, the soul wants to come and see how the world is now. Whether the big changes have already happened, whether it wants to be born in this world of current chaos. Whether he/she would be able to perform his/her task. Most souls who come to Earth now have a very specific job. To create a greater consciousness in their parents, or create a task to help the earth going forward.

In the second case, and I see this quite often, the soul notes that the parents are not ready to accept the soul in the form that it will have in the earthly sphere. I am thinking of children with special care needs, who are actually all children by now. The school system is no longer sufficient. The old, rigid thought patterns no longer serve. If there is any possibility that the parents will be able to accept their child in any circumstances, it will come. However, the pressure in our material world is so great that many parents cannot cope with that task as well.
No judgment is formed, on the contrary this should be seen as an act of unconditional love from the soul to the parent couple.

What can you do? To be aware that a child who comes now comes with his unique and special gifts. In order to develop those special gifts, parents must be willing to subordinate their own needs to those of the child. Ask yourself very honestly if this is an option for you. Could you quit your job to spend more time with your child? Could you choose other methods of education, care, eating habits? Many parents will think that this would happen anyway once you become a Parent. However, the wave of souls now coming to the world is of another order. They serve the light and will not accept conflict anymore, they will resolutely choose what is right for them.

Which in turn gives a lot of hope that the world is evolving and we will see more and more light shining 🙂

A few examples from my life:
I have 3 children: one of them slept with us for 12 years because he was frozen in his own bed with fear. He was diagnosed with ASD (autism spectrum disorder) and DCD (development coordination disorder). Very often he was able to tell us in advance what was about to happen. In his words, ‘mama, my eyes are so good that I can see what will happen tomorrow’. He needs regularity, structure and, above all, a lot of rest. We completely changed our lives to be able to offer him that rest. He mainly eats carrots and apples. Goes to sleep early and gets up very early.
Our daughter, on the other hand, is very social. She has the energy of 10 and does school work on the computer whilst playing a game, cresting a drawing and all this on her roller skates so that she also gets some exercise in between. She wants to taste all kinds of things but jumps from one subject to another. At 10pm she has the most fantastic ideas about redesigning her room, our house and why not the whole world?!

Our eldest son is unable to go to sleep when a conflict lay dormant somewhere. It must be discussed with the people involved before he can sleep. Worldly conflicts, however, are not that easy to resolve with an evening conversation.
So it results in years of very little sleep and time spent trying to find solutions as creatively as possible.

Let me give you an example of our son who can be very obsessive: He just wanted to go down the stairs starting with the right foot. He also stood guard at the top of the stairs and urged everyone to start the descent with only the right foot. His obsession got worse. I decided to stand next to him every morning for a week and let my left foot dance and jump because that left foot really wanted to start descending the steps. The panic in his eyes was great, but after a week I told him I wanted to try it anyway. He cried and panicked but the stairs did not collapse, the world did not end either. He also slowly tried it until it was no longer a problem.

We work on one thing and another manifests but we keep searching for different ways to make him trust this world. If I also expose him to too much stress then I only have a problem child. Now that we can offer him peace, I have a wonderful child who can function and who has a lot of light and love in him. Our children teach us every day what is really important and we are very proud to be their parents in this life. I wish for a world full of children who are allowed and able to be themselves.

Enjoy your kids and every child that crosses your path.

Heart greetings,