Angels COVID-19

September 8, 2020

My heart rejoices at the sight of these cards. Yes, I know what to do. In recent weeks I have been able to give a lot of healings with exceptional results.

The new energy that is manifesting on Earth at record speed is blissful for me and other healers. We no longer have to wrestle our way through thick gunk. That may be strange to say, but I heard from an Ulm pilot that he had to pass through a layer of yellow gunk (pollution) on take-off before discovering the beauty and vastness of the sky. That’s  kind of what it feels like when you connect. There are different techniques to connecting but what I have experienced in recent weeks, is that those techniques are no longer necessary; now it almost happens by itself and that is blissful.

I am grateful to the coronavirus for the following reasons:

  • Apparently this virus can eradicate all other diseases, we no longer die from heart failure, cancer or the consequences of diabetes but only from corona. So that’s pretty much the superhero virus (yes, of course this is meant to be sarcastic)
  • I am happy with a bit more physical distance between me and my fellow human beings. I can now consciously choose who I really want to be close to.
  • I am glad that more attention is paid to hygiene and that things are disinfected. This may be an exaggeration for many, but as a highly sensitive person you can quite often pick up the feelings of those who have previously touched an object. This is usually dismissed as rubbish but for me, it gives me peace of mind to know that I do not have to shield myself all the time and that I can therefore move more freely.
  • I am glad that more space has been created in busy places. The government services, for example, now work by appointment only and everything runs so much more smoothly.
  • I, with all respect and understanding towards others who experience this differently, feel calmer and freer.
  • I am also happy that more and more parents are standing up for the well-being of their child. The requests for homeschooling are much larger than in previous years. Parents are much more aware of what their child and themselves are going through.
  • We are only at the beginning of this economic crisis, and here too new forms of entrepreneurship and action are being looked at. Great initiatives are emerging and we are becoming more aware of how much and what we actually need.
  • In short, the world is waking up. We are no longer the sheep who just follow. We have become aware of our will and our strength. I can only be happy about that.
  • More and more information will come out about alternative ways of thinking about money, health and well-being.

The’new love’ card helps you to find your path and why you are in this earthly sphere right now. 

The card: ‘You deserve the very best! Reach for the stars with your dreams and your wishes and don’t compromise.’ I would dare say, reach in! What do you long for when you can look at yourself without hindrance and fear? This life is not a punishment!

We may rewrite and experience this new world as we would like to see it ourselves. With abundance of love and everything that flows from it.

I try this very specifically with my children. I try not to pass on the dogmas that were fiercely distributed in my youth. (Yes of course I fail but I try.) I try to teach them that life can be easy, that you can and may choose every day. That what we took to be true yesterday may be different today and that is okay. That there is an abundance of love, help, nice people and animals. That music can be healing, that contact with animals helps to bring you peace. That teachers are there to help you and that you may and can ask the universe for help. That rank and position are no reason to glorify or look down on anyone. That pulling back in nature is so nourishing. My older son has left home and I am very proud of what a fine man he is. My two youngest experience that there are very nice moments in every day. That it is never just bad.

We start this every morning by shouting “hug time.” It’s never “getting up” and what could be more fun than starting your day with hugs?

I wish you abundance of love and strength to be able and dare to make your choices.

If you would like help with this, you can reach me here and we will discuss a remote healing. I would like to discuss how this works and what it costs with you via email.

Heart greetings