Gabriella Talks

Dear friends,

I am Gabriella, an angel of light, and I am here to assist you in finding inner peace and happiness at this time.

It is critical for the earth to bring awareness and light, especially with so many people awakening and new technological and consciousness breakthroughs.

In this life, how can we obtain inner peace and happiness? There are various ways to answer this issue, but the simplest is to simply allow. Allowing your divinity into your life is more vital than fighting for things or striving for perfection. Most people may find this conflicting because they believe they must continually work on oneself in order to improve. However, being a flawless human being is unachievable because that is not the goal of life on this earth. Life on Earth is designed to be lived in order to discover the answer to the question, “Who am I?”

Finding inner peace entails accepting yourself for who you are and stating to yourself, “I am who I am.” This is something I’ve been repeating for millennia. Feel it, feel the fact that you exist, that you are present. That is peace and grace in and of itself.

Happiness is more difficult to define. People often talk about happiness but have no idea what it is or what they are aiming for. Happiness is like a carrot in front of a horse’s nose; you talk about it and think about it, but few people are actually happy. However, you can be quite tranquil, calm, and gracious to yourself. And if you are, happiness is unimportant. It is a human characteristic that is not very significant. The key thing is to find inner peace and accept yourself for who you are.

When you realize this, many other things will flow effortlessly to you, and you won’t have to labor or fight to acquire things like abundance or healing. Everything comes to you when you allow your actual self, your soul, to join with your human self.

However, once you attain this realization, the real difficulty begins. Why are you still here? You have completed your journey, you have lived a thousand or more incarnations, and you realize how difficult and lovely life on this planet can be at the same time. But you also realize that your physical body is in agony and discomfort, and that it is aging. Then you wonder, “Why should I stay?” Why should I stay here when I’ve finished my journey? The reason is simple: you’ve come to help others. You came into the earth to bring light into the globe and to inspire others to follow their own road of enlightenment. You play a vital part in the grand scheme of humanity and the universe.

It’s natural to wonder why you’re here and why you should stick around. But keep in mind that you are here to make a difference and to assist others. Your presence on Earth is priceless, and your light and love are required to assist the planet in reaching a higher level of consciousness. So stay, shine, and inspire others to discover their own inner light.

Gabriella, love