Angels COVID-19


It is official, in Belgium, from now on we have to wear a mask when we go inside a shop, cinema, public transport and closed spaces. It creates a lot of discussion between my friends and acquaintances. Pro’s and con’s are proclaimed boldly. As always I trust what the angels pass on to me.

It is not about for or against, it is about the message behind what they tell me. What can you do with this, what can you learn from this? Can you adapt to the ever-changing circumstances? Can you keep up with yourself in this chaos? This is only the beginning they tell me. The changes happen whether we like it or not. Who are you and what do you stand for? When we look specifically at the mouth masks they ask me- What do you breathe out / what do you breathe in? Breathe out love and then breathe in love again. What you send out in this world you will receive back. There is a pause between each exhalation and inhalation, use this pause to set your intention. So breathe out – pause – be aware of what you are going to breathe in and then breathe back in.

I practice for a while and slowly become aware that this is indeed possible. I practice inhaling and exhaling with love, I try to inhale and exhale life energy. It helps, I just have to be aware of it at the times when I find it most difficult. It is of course those moments that quite often overtake me. I think it is easier to object but after I have become aware that this will not just go away, that this situation can take a long time, I wonder if I want to stay in the resistance.

Angels are so loving beings, every time I resist, every time I complain they look at me filled with love. They seem to be okay with that too. I try a few different things, a little essential oil on my mouth mask, I rub my face with a scented cream, wash my hands frequently with nice smelling soap so that I can smell them every now and then 🙂 But I notice that breathing out love and inhaling it brings me more peace, brings me gratitude and thus closer to myself. I still believe that this crisis expands our consciousness. It is less and less about appearances and more and more about my inner peace. I enjoy being with my family, the contact of the angels, reading books, drawing and learning. In short, I slowly start to feel calmer.

I hope so for you too!