Angels COVID-19

Silence and letting go

The past few weeks have been quiet. No visions, no images, very little information but every now and then a very old memory. So old that I didn’t remember it until suddenly an image of myself when I was in primary school appearedin front of me. A hurtful comment that suddenly resurfaced and hit me very hard.
It’s strange how memory works. You think you have processed things and that you have moved on and then out of the blue it appears again more than 40 years later.

It was only the beginning. These were intense weeks. Intense fatigue, intense back pain, intense emotions, intense sadness, intense memories. An enormous feeling of emptiness and an all-consuming fatigue.

Sometimes feeling like you are drowning. Luckily there was also a lot of sleep, a lot of intense presence of the children and a very present parrot.

When a period like this arises, I turn inwards and withdraw into myself. Few contacts with the outside world, little that gets through. However, I am deeply grateful that I am no longer very young and that I have learned that nothing is permanent, even difficult times pass.

And then suddenly it was over, the sun came up again, all emotions calmed down.

A few days ago I started receiving images. Just before the difficult period I had seen the large group of extra angels withdraw. I had seen them ready in January getting ready. They started in February and now they said they had done their job. But a few days ago I saw a new group getting ready. A very large group of angels who look very determined are preparing to come our way. I still see them in black and white, which means that they are not yet active. They are so close together and when they spread their wings, their wings overlap those of the angels next to them. They form a circle around the earth that is impenetrable. Nothing goes out, nothing comes in. It seems like only your own emotions are important. That’s what they made me understand. The troops are currently being inspected, instructions are being given out, very lovingly. Unfortunately I cannot understand them. So something is about to happen. It is clear that we still have a lot of old patterns to break. I don’t know how this will go but the fact that this it will accompanied so beautifully by angels makes me hopeful and reassured.

When I shared my experiences with 2 friends, they said that hey also experience a similar difficult period. So if you are in the middle of it, it won’t last!

I saw this on facebook yesterday. Yes you make a difference! Even if you don’t notice it (always).

Greetings from my heart to yours