One of my own experiences

Lovely people,

I often hear people say sometimes, even in a bit of a reproachful voice, “it’s easy for you! You can see angels. “I would like to clarify this based on one of my own experiences. Yes, I can observe them sometimes, but not always and not everywhere. I need a great deal of confidence to do what I do. Most people think that I am quite crazy, if I want to respond to what the angels pass on to me.

After so many years, I have learned that I can and should trust and follow their guidance every time. Sometimes the road just seems to strange and crazy but it always leads me to the best destination. The result is usualy better than what I dreamed of.

I hope to make it clear that seeing angels is only one aspect, and that the greatest aspect (at least for me) in this life is to rely on the infinite goodness of most people and especially of the invisible world.

Have fun listening, let me know what you think, feel, want.

Greetings from the heart,


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