Find the silence he whispered

It is there, always and everywhere.

In between the sound, there is the power of silence.

The silence is strong and weak.

She is forceful and tender,

Beautiful and ugly,

Inside and outside,

Up and down

Not possible, she replied, there is sound always and everywhere.

So he took her with him to the great outdoors. Here it is easy, she said, there is no disturbing noise here.

The absence of disturbing sound is not equal to silence, it is the absence of annoyance and frustration, but it is not the power of silence.

Listen to your breathing and learn to breathe so that there is a second of silence between each inhalation and exhalation. In that second all your strength bundles up.

Look at a fruit tree just before it bears blossom. It bundles all of its strength and then it blossoms.

Why would you be less powerful than an apple tree?

Less than a blade of grass that owes its growth to this quiet power.

Do you think a tree can grow without the strength of its roots that unfold in silence and darkness?

Get to know the silence and learn to respect it, love the silence so that you can fall back on it and keep your strength.

Because in that one second not only your strength but that of the entire universe gathers up.

This is part of the book I’m writing, it’s a father’s manual to his daughter. My father, a very wise man who taught me a lot, especially now it helps me. Thanks dad ❤️