14 years ago,today, my second son was born. We named him Indriël. The day after he was conceived he announced himself with a huge lightning strike in what was going to be his room. After a week I was convinced his/her name should be Indriël and I was absolutely sure I would give birth to a daughter. The nursery was painted pink and my partner regularly asked me if it shouldn’t be Indriëlle (Partner being french speaking). No, I was sure, it would be Indriël. So we received this beautiful boy :). (See the card below to understand why I felt such feminine energy.)

Indriël is pure and has a heart of gold. He was diagnosed with ASD (autism spectrum disorder) and DCD (developmental coordination disorder). These labels make it clear to me just how special he is. He does not understand much about the world, ‘money matters’, ‘bullying’,’lovelessness’, ‘study matters’, but oddly enough he now functions a his best in the midst of this corona madness.

He was given information from school, from us but he went looking for it himself. Once he had got enough information, he has become very calm. He states, in a dry way, that the world, as we know it, is just not possible and it will all take some time for people to learn this.

So thanks to him we now have a fairly calm atmosphere at home. People who are familiar with ASD know that this is not the norm at all.

The image I saw tonight was the same as last night, but yhere were many more angels and larger more intense masters of light were joining in. A real pleasure to watch. It is clear to me that this is not just a crisis. It is a tremendous opportunity to delve into what is real and what suits us as human beings.

I think the whole 5G event finds its origins in this. Something is in the air and it is inspiring us. Just think of how many inventions are made simultaneously by different people. For me personally, I also once had a creative idea, I went to a trade show and I saw my idea there 5 times! (happened quite a lot). It can be very frustrating at times but well, what I want to say is that for me the angels want to make it clear to us that we have all the necessary information inside us and that we can communicate with each other without words. That we are connected to everything and everywhere. Am I for 5G? No, but I am for human connections, both with each other and with the invisible world.

You should pay particular attention to coincidences in the coming period. You might start thinking about someone and suddenly they send you a message or he /she calls you. Learn from that, you can certainly activate it more and more by paying attention to it.

Have a nice evening and do try to enjoy this time too,

Greetings from the heart,