Images from last night

In the last couple of months I have received far less images than in the months before. Last night I received several images. I would love to have a camera inside my head so I could take pictures and share them with all of you. Since drawing isn’t one of my talents I will try and describe to you what I saw, as best as I can. I have found some images on the internet to give you an idea. So to be clear,I found the images below on the internet – they do not belong to me and are not an accurate view of what I saw but just a guide.

Image 1: I saw our earth surrounded by a grid. The grid was quite far away from the earth had rather larger squares. At every junction stood an angel. I saw the same image about 14-15 years ago. ( see my course angels&finances)

Image 2: The grid contracts and moves closer to earth. The angels spread their wings and are able to touch each others wings so that the lines in between the junctions are filled. It was pure golden light.

Image 3: Passed souls come and stand in front of the angels. They are part of the grid en help to spread this golden light. This is something I have not seen before. I am told that a lot of souls had been given lessons by the angels as to how to experience self love and how to spread and share love.

Image 4 : It is as if the camera zooms in on an angel so I can see what they are doing. It looks like they are cleaning the air: cleaning or raising/activating vibrations and frequencies. I am told that the pressure is rising and that animals are the first to feel it. For the past 3 days my dogs have been barking a lot more without any apparent reason.

Image 5: I am invited to join the grid and asked to breath in the golden light and as I breath out I am asked to add fire to my breath in order to make evey breath more intense. ( I have not experienced this before)

I notice that this energy field is closing in slowly around the world and seems to come closer.

It is now the time to do that which we truly long for and are inspired to do, not out of material motives but from that which your heart desires. Everyone equal but different. Transformation is inevitable. Physical discomfort is unfortunately also part of it.

I wish you all a lot of strenght and courage,

with a lot of love