We have added a new page to this site. Now you can pick an angelcard every day. Why?Because it’s fun and because it’s a nice distraction from everything that is going on. (in this household today we had a puber son and a pre-puber daughter, and believe me that is a 1000 x worse than a son in puberty, 2 dogs and a parrot all of whom want attention NOW)

You can try them here.

On this page you will find drawings to colour in -to keep your kids busy at least for a full 10 seconds 🙂 Please do send pictures.

Not a lot of news from us for the past few days. We did some work in our vegetable garden, which is quite a challenge for us city people, we try and to walk 10,000 step to try and eleminate all the extra calories. Since we are in quarantine wouldn’t it be nice if there were no calories in all this comfortfood? We baked chocolatechip cookies en Hot buns. An American and a British recipe. Sorry, no pictures due to my too slow reaction. But since my housemembers asked me to make a lot of both, you’ll probably get to see them next time.

Wishing you a lot of love, luck and patience.

Have a great weekend and lots of fun with the angelcards.

Without words