I feel a lot of joy today as I scroll down facebook, e-mails messages. I am not escaping reality but I do like to focus on all the good that is happening.

Let me share some of the things that touched me. So many people applauding our care givers and showing their love and appreciation is indeed a beautiful initiative. I love to see how this is changing our priorities at high speed.
I was even more touched by the actions of local artisans and entrepreneurs (call them local heroes) are taking. They sit together trying to find solutions for each other’s businesses. Sometimes it is easer to see a solution for someone elses problem then to see it for your own.

My friends have a nougat factory in Belgium and are giving out free boxes of nougat to the emergency rooms of various hospitals. So proud of them!

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I liked this video because it helps to see things from a different perspective.

This is what made me smile; a Belgium artist singing and he will do so every day until the end of the quarantine. ❤️ Today: You’ll Never Walk Alone.

Ga elke ochtend om 07u30 naar en start je dag met een lach!
Meaning go to this site at 7u30am (gmt+1) to start your day with a smile.

What is happening at our place? Yesterday we planted the first seeds and we have plantes out the ones that have already sprouted. We needed about a week to clear this small patch from left over concrete, weeds and stones. Ideal to put the kids to work and teach them time management 🙂

15 more minutes guys! Mom, thats an eternity!!!! Ok, so you get to spend 15 minutes on your computer later on.

They worked hard, you can see the result at the bottom of this page.

It’s quite a challenge, staying at home. It demands creativity and changing and bending the rules. We don’t have a tv but we do have a beamer and internet. The current rule is that during the week we watch ‘ted talks for kids’ or ‘inpirational talks for kids’, it inspires us. My doughter was touched by this one:

My son (he has ASSS and DCD) wants facts and rules&regulations and wanted us to watch this one:

We talk and discuss what we’ve watched. We play monopoly. We keep the game on the table and play about 2-3 times a day for 15-30 minutes. It helps my daughter with maths and they learn about money. It seems to give a pretty acurate view of our situation. Our son keeps winning money where as I ( the mom) gets to spend every cent coming in. The kids can’t stop laughing.

Work for school: we only start after play time, late morning or afternoon. I did homeschooling 2 years ago and noticed then that my son couldn’t concentrate unless he knew exactly at what time he would get screentime. So now they get to play first, computer, games, rollerblading, crocheting, drawing, painting doesn’t matter what and once they are finished playing-we work. Language is taught at dinnertime. Last night they wanted hamburgers so we made it into an American night, only English during dinner and watching video’s.

I do worry a lot less these days, I don’t focus on what we have to do as much as what we like to do. I want happy kids because happy kids love to learn and they do so a lot quicker.

Later on we’ll be baking bread (weights and measures) You might get to see the result in a next post.

Greetings from the heart,


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