Easter 2020

Angels come rushing in whenever there is joy and wonder. That is one of the reasons why I really like to surprise my children. This year in ‘corona’ mood. All cuddly toys received a safe mouth mask and the Easter bunny made for a great party. Photos at the bottom.

I would like to share the following poem with you.

Have fun and don’t forget to think a happy thought before connecting with your angels.

I’m not very big
In fact I’m quite small
I sit on your shoulder
And hear when you call.

            I go everywhere with you
            Thought you can’t see me
            I am with you always
            Even in your dreams.

                        I share your laughter
                        Dry your tears when you cry
                        And every day I’m so proud
                        Cause I see how hard you try.

                                   I don’t have a name
                                   and I’ll never grow older
                                   But for as long as you live
                                   I’ll be your little Angel on your shoulder.