Angels COVID-19

coming and going

When children are born, it is usually a festive event. The angels create a birth channel and guide the soul to this world. The 2 guardian angels remain and the first 2 years the child can still easily reside with the angels, slowly getting used to his earthly existence. When we depart from this world, a similar process takes place. The angels form a channel of light and show it gradually. I usually observe it 3 weeks before a person passes and in the 3 days before the transition the channel is deeply strengthened. The dying person can look into this channel and his relatives may notice he seems very confused. It is like having one foot in this world and the other one in the other world. It is actually a beautiful process if it can happen in peace.

Sometimes death is sudden and we haven’t been given any notice. However, the angels are always ready to receive that person. One difficulty may be that the person does not realize that he has died and starts to wander.

Depending on the consciousness of the person in question, there are different options. A person who is aware of the dying process and chooses to follow the light is lovingly guided to where he needs to be. A person who only has an eye for the earthly and does not want or cannot let go of things has a harder time. He always gets the opportunity to go directly to the light, but often does not choose to do so. There are a number of times when this can be done from the angelic world. But you know that angels respect man’s free will and if that person wants to roam then he can. Many people can experience these wandering spirits, they call it “ghosts” or “spirits” and they often describe it as unpleasant. I would like to offer a different way of looking.

Imagine walking into the supermarket and seeing a 2-year-old crying. No parent around. What are you going to do? Probably not going to start yelling ‘help, there is another one, go on, leave me alone’. In all likelihood, you will approach the toddler, ask why he is crying, and start looking for the parent together. If you can’t find them, you’ll probably go to the info desk and have it broadcast and most likely you will wait with the sad child for the parent to appear. You hand it over, give it a smile and move on. This is the same with a lost soul. They see a light shining in you that attracts them and they cling because they no longer know where to go. You can explain that you will help. You ask the angels to open up a channel of light, in this reality you can light a candle, show them the light and tell them to go there. Wait until you see or feel the angelic channel (warm chills usually) and give the soul to the angels. Wish him a safe journey and be thankful that you could help. The soul will be very grateful to you. It is very often one of the first things you can do on your way to become more enlightened. (You can also safely assume that the vast majority of wandering souls do not have negative intentions, just as the vast majority of people are good).

In these times where there is a lot of fear and where the many deaths are in full focus, I see many light channels and I also see that many wandering souls are included. It is beautiful to see. There are a lot of deceased people ready to greet and welcome the recently deceased. As sad as it may be here, it is so beautiful on the other side.

I think this is a very good time to bring the lost or wandering souls home. The angels are so active in these last months that I can only be thankful.

I had no intention of writing this blog, I wanted to talk about other things first, but if the angels want something to be said then they block everything else from me until I do what I have promised to do, be a ‘translator, spokesperson’

I wish you lots of love, gratitude and peace.