Reaching out

Lovely people,

I would like to appeal to all people who have been spiritually active for some time or for a long time now. We have wanted consciousness, unity and a world filled with love and peace.

I am calling out to you because I see a lot of messages and I receive a lot of messages that ask people not to give in to fear, not to panic, to calm down, to help raise vibrations and frequencies.

What I would like to remind you of is that we have all known (and still know) fear.

Is fear a bad advisor? It depends on how you look at it. If you see a hungry lion coming at you, fear is a justified response, staying calm and getting out of his way is probably the best response. But how do you keep calm?

What about the panic we see everywhere now? I personally don’t know anyone who calms down when someone says “stop panicking and calm down”.

I would like to appeal to you not to contribute to the panic. If you visit others now, you feed those fears. Even if you are sure that you have enough protection, because your vibration and energy are high enough, and will not get this virus, how can the other person be sure? After your visit it may be that the other person is still worrying for days, because worrying is something you do when you are alone or lonely. Think about what you achieved with your visit.

Did you feel taht they felt inferior to you because they are not ready yet or because they are not as ‘enlightened’ as you??

Yes, keep in touch and listen to the fears, share how you handled your fears. What helped you?

Do not dismiss them as unnecessary, you will only make others feel guilty.

I would like to share what I do, maybe it will help you.

When I feel fear and I know what I fear, I switch my head on and start a conversation with myself and with the fear. I reason, as it were, to crush it.

When I don’t know where the fear comes from, I try to be thankful for everything that is there. The sun comes up every day, the trees, nature teaches me that nothing ever stays the same and that fear also passes. I look for something funny and play my favorite songs 10 times in a row and bake until I’m happy again.

My children are anxious to hear the things they accidentally hear. I watch movies with my daughter (9 years old). We have seen “The sound of music” and “Annie”

The first one has a super fun song that Julie Andrews sings when the kids are anxious:

We’ve talked about all the things we like, about what we’re grateful for.

We sympathized with Annie and then discussed how a girl, for whom everything is apparently disappointing manages to fill her life in such a way that she is very happy. The power of being positive and singing and dancing and concentrating on everything we do have.

We have decided that doing something for others makes us happy. At the end of our street is a care home for the elderly. My daughter was very sad because those people cannot get visitors now. So we got to work. She is currently crocheting bracelets and making drawings. We try to sew hearts that can serve as a cushion or to squeeze. This is because she had noticed on her last visit that some people do not want to let go of her hands and squeeze rather hard.

I admire my daughter who can open her oh so big heart again and again and find inspiration to help others.

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Another lovely read! Some good ideas of how to spend our time during the Corona Virus lockdown.

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