Angels COVID-19

May 14th 2020

Today’s cards immediately give me a very happy feeling. I love the image of the card “Arielle” very much. Thus I see the world and the channel that allows us to make contact with Paradise, the heavenly and the divine world. It is a card that invites you to become aware of your own channel, your own connection to the other worlds.

Very appropriate in these times as we cannot go outside and we are being urged to stay in our home. For me this is great! No extra stimuli, peace, calm, less noise, less air pollution, it makes my connection so much easier.

Card 2: “Harmony in relationships”: for me again applicable not only to relationships with people but also with nature spirits, angels and animals.

Card 3: Trust . How much confidence do we actually have? If I have to believe the social media, we either have fear of the coronavirus or fear of the limitations and / or the mandatory vaccination. For me, both scenarios are based only on fear and not on trust.

What do I see then? If there are new measures, I consult myself- what do I feel about this? Not what should Ifeel if I belong to one or the other groups. I have always lived in 2 worlds, the world of reality which is also called the 3rd dimension and the world of the manifestation also called the 5th dimension. I live as much as possible in the 5th because I like it much more. In my world there are only solutions, I have 10 solutions for every problem, in your world (I put it in a very black and white context), there are at least 10 problems for every solution.

My world is one of living together with other beings, with uncoditional love for everything and everyone. Not to be confused with your world where love is measured by how much is returned to you.

In my world we give freely, the ‘money principle’ is just like the “breath” principle. Inhale and exhale. Money flows to and from me. I don’t have to breathe in all the air I need for the rest of my life today, just as I don’t need all the money today that I will only use within x amount of time.

If I have a wish it will be fulfilled, it is that simple.

Admittedly, if I have to go shopping in the civilized world among a large crowd, I don’t find it easy. So I asked my winged friends for help on how to cope better.

They showed me that there are 6 angels in a circle around me. They whispered to me, “we are your mosquito net,” “let your light shine freely, we keep unwanted energy away from you.” I love the image. Mosquitoes can live, but I prefer not to have them around my ears.

So my message to you is- take your angels day in and day out and visualize them as you like, a mosquito net is easy 🙂

Until next time🙂

Greetings from my angels to yours,