Angels COVID-19

Beautiful vision

Last week very early in the morning around 3 o’clock I woke up. I couldn’t really get back to sleep and I tossed and turned until I suddenly became very calm. I saw a meadow with a large old oak in the distance. I know this place well, since my daughter was born, this has been the meeting place where my late father and my daughter communicate with each other. Usually I am a spectator from a distance.

This time was different, I see my father standing in the distance with a huge crowd in front of him. Beside my father I distinguish other white figures. I decide to go to them and then I get a feeling of déjà vue. It looks like Jesus preaching. As I get closer I see my dad teaching a crowd, it looks like something between teaching and a crowd warmer. I look at the crowd and see all kinds of familiar faces in the front row. All those who have followed the first cycle of Kabbalah are in that front row. There are many rows of people but I cannot see their faces. It makes me feel very happy and warm. The first kabbalah lessons are now almost 25 years ago yet I see these people very clearly and I can remember all their names.

At the same time, a different scene is taking place on the right side of the meadow. I see a lot of dead people going up a flight of stairs and then through a gate to the back of the oak tree. I hear or see and feel how my father brings my attention to the inner light in each person. For some it is a pilot light, for others a lot bigger. A nice sight. Then the white figures next to him come into action and they show me how the inner light is brought to the same level in everyone. The lights become so intense that they leave the body and mix with the light of the others. It becomes one great golden light, a beautiful spectacle.

Then something special happens, the gates of the old oak tree swing open and the deceased who have since been transformed into radiant white light, come forward and mingle with the people. The great white light merges with the golden light. I am told that this is impossible to take apart again, we have merged and created a new light together. I feel immense happiness and confidence.

I hope his might give you love, hope and confidence too.

Greetings from the heart